Personal with Tom Connell

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We had a fantastic day shooting personal work at our new home, White Rabbit Studios, in the heart of Shoreditch - capturing stills and motion throughout. With hair by Tom Connell and makeup by Maddie Austin, we managed to create some fabulous images. The shoot was styled with neutral tones, and we shot our three great models in as soft, undone and natural way as possible - with a occasional statement accessories.

Maddie created some beautiful makeup looks on the day, from the bare to the avant garde, using vibrant colours and strong lines.

Tom Connell also did some live cutting on the shoot, taking Shan Khan’s long hair to a fantastic edgy pixie cut. We documented the journey at various stages in our shoot, and the results were beautiful - looking forward to sharing!


Maddie creating some bold colours on one of our lovely models, Ninon Hauswirth.


To top the day off, Anna and Freddy came by the studio for a visit. Tom and Freddy hit it off pretty quickly!

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